For years I have been teaching privately, at various music schools and lecturing at the Swiss Music Academy.   

Styles I play are blues, pop, rock, funk, fusion and country.     
I offer guitar and music theory lessons for advanced beginners and also professionals. My lessons are very individualized and completely tailored to the needs of my customers. Of course, there are basics such as posture, fingerings, etc.. But individuality is very important to me.

In addition, I like to open doors to other worlds of music in between, so you get to know and possibly love other approaches. This will expand your musical vocabulary.

Lessons are held in Wetzikon or online via Skype or Zoom.

I teach:

- Scales (Modes, Pentatonic, Arpeggios, Minor Scales and more) 
- Chords and their structure
- Music theory (considers harmony, melody, rhythm, form, scales, intervals, etc.)                       
- Timing      
- Coordination of the right and left hand      
- Guitar technique
- Reading and understand sheet music                             
- Rhythm guitar chord accompaniment and solos over different keys
- Improvisation
- Exercise meaningfully and find the necessary motivation
- Moving faster according to an exercise plan and with strategy

I like to pick you every day!

If you are looking for a drummer or mental training for musicians           

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