Guitarist Producer Songwriter

My love for the guitar began when I was 9 years old and heard the song "Europa" by Carlos Santana on the radio. From then on I knew I wanted to be able to play the guitar like that.

First I started playing classical guitar. When I was 15 I switched to electric guitar.

Concerts in Switzerland and Europe

On the road with many bands in different styles.

As a guitarist I have already worked with many people:

Jeremy McComb Country US-Star, Marina Jay, Dan Smalley, Andy Martin & Band, The Nada Cowboys, Desert Rose Countryband, Susanne Klee, Howdy, Hillary Williams, Tune 9T9, Adblloyd Abashi, Peter Hammacher & the Devil Session, Aire Phonema, Susanne Orus, Angela Brown, Marshall Whyler, Touch the World, Hot Tempered, Alysha & the Sun & the Moon, Peekaboo, Fabio Fragapane, Tanja Dankner, Mauro Bizzotto, DJ John Lukas, Richard Kidd, Stefan May, Manu-L (Remady, Myron) und Chris Haffner, Salvis Four Jazz Quartett, Fusion, modern jazz with Latin influences, classic progressive metal rock, country, blues and more.


- Recording demos and MIDI programming
- Production of singles or CDs, jingles on request


- Composing of music to your lyrics
- Write a melody to your chords

Career / Education

As an educator I have over 35 years of teaching experience for private students and at the Swiss Music Academy. I have developed and implemented various teaching concepts. 
- Master studies "Music Producer" at Berklee Music College                  
- Workshops Guitar with Jeff Richmann, Scott Henderson, Allan Holsworth, Wayne Brasel,          Les Wise, Johnny Hiland and others.
- Lessons with Jens Krüger
- Music studies at the ACM ( Academy Of Contemporary Music ) in Zurich. 
- Preliminary course and 1 year general department at the Jazz School Zurich, lessons with      Rainer Weber. 
- Private lessons with Urs Schellenberg
- classical guitar

Very Old Stuff.