Guitarist Producer Songwriter

My love for the guitar began when I was 9 years old and heard the song "Europa" by Carlos Santana on the radio. From then on I knew I wanted to be able to play the guitar like that.

First I started playing classical guitar. When I was 15 I switched to electric guitar.

Concerts in Switzerland and Europa

On the road with many bands in different styles.

As a guitarist I have already worked with many people:

Andy Martin & Band, The Nada Cowboys, Desert Rose Countryband, Susanne Klee, Howdy, Hillary Williams, Tune 9T9, Adblloyd Abashi, Peter Hammacher & the Devil Session, Aire Phonema, Susanne Orus, Angela Brown, Marshall Whyler, Touch the World, Hot Tempered, Alysha & the Sun & the Moon, Peekaboo, Fabio Fragapane, Tanja Dankner, Mauro Bizzotto, DJ John Lukas, Richard Kidd, Stefan May, Manu-L (Remady, Myron) und Chris Haffner, Salvis Four Jazz Quartett, Nigel Kingsley and many more. Various freelance jobs in different music styles from fusion, modern jazz with Latin influences, classic progressive metal rock, country, blues and more.


- Recording demos and MIDI programming
- Production of singles or CDs, jingles on request


- Composing of music to your lyrics
- Write a melody to your chords

Career / Education

As an educator I have over 35 years of teaching experience for private students and at the Swiss Music Academy. I have developed and implemented various teaching concepts. 
- Master studies "Music Producer" at Berklee Music College                  
- Workshops Guitar with Jeff Richmann, Scott Henderson, Allan Holsworth, Wayne Brasel,          Les Wise, Johnny Hiland and others.
- Lessons with Jens Krüger
- Music studies at the ACM ( Academy Of Contemporary Music ) in Zurich. 
- Preliminary course and 1 year general department at the Jazz School Zurich, lessons with      Rainer Weber. 
- Private lessons with Urs Schellenberg
- classical guitar

Very Old Stuff.