Guitar Recording Session

Book Nino Russo for your CD / demo recording. Everything from a solo, a song, a few songs to a full album! 

Description of the individual recording packages: 

- Basic Package: includes a guitar track. Rhythm or solo, either electric or acoustic.

- Standard Package: includes two guitar tracks:

  • an electric guitar track and an acoustic guitar track
  • two electric guitar tracks
  • two acoustic guitar tracks
  • two rhythm guitar tracks
  • one rhythm guitar and a solo 

- Full Package: contains several guitar parts. Rhythm, solo or riffs, chord melody both electric    and A guitars.

These packages have a song length of up to 4 minutes = 240 seconds. The price includes a free change. After that, it is calculated according to expenditure. Special requests will be charged according to the effort.

I can provide 2 kind of tracks:

- Dry (direct DI-Signal, useful for reamping)
- Electric guitar signal (Amp Sound)
  The amplifier signal is recorded with a microphone, with effects recorded by me that match           your music style according to my taste or if desired without effects.

I deliver the recording as a 44.1 kHz 24-bit wave file, other formats on request.

Further details about your project will discuss by email. 

My recording equipment is always ready for electro and acoustic guitar recordings.

Examples: Guitar, Composing Ideas